Should Women Use Creatine?
By Brian Andrews, President All American EFX

Should Women Use Creatine?

If you don't know me already, I've quickly become known as "The Creatine Guy". If we ever meet, you'll quickly undserstand why. You see, in the last two issues, I explained why creatine is still the undisputed champ when it comes to high-profit products that actually deliver. I firmly believe nothing else can give you, or your clients, more back from the time you spend exercising than pure, potent creatine.

That's why I want to focus this article on one of the most common profit-reducing myths I continually run into. It's likely costing you and your business thousands of dollars each and every year. So what is it? Myth: Women should not use creatine.

However, most women still do not currently use creatine. In fact, whenever we do our own product demos or display at tradeshows and expos, we consistenly find that the "women and creatine" myth is alive and well. Some even walk away the very second we mention the word creatine, before we have a chance to explain further. Therefore, if creatine is so great and effective, why aren't more women using it?

Should Women Use Creatine?

While the reasons are many, this one is at the top of the list: just about every creatine ad in magazines is targeted to men. These ads promise you "pounds and pounds of dense muscle mass". They claim you arms will blow up to mammoth proportions. Not to mention the actual photo of the individual shown who "supposedly" uses the product. What woman wants to look like that?

Well, let me be the first to tell you that creatine is NOT anabolic and does NOT contain hormones. Rest assured you would not suddenly start growing muscle tissue at the incredible rate most ads promise if you use it.

The simple fact is pure creatine provides more of the necessary "fuel" your muscles need to work longer and harder. In the end, that is what helps you build lean, shapely muscle. And based on the fact that most women in general do not carry a high degree of muscle (where the majority of creatine is stored in the body), it only stands to reason that it can greatly increase their results.

The other big complaint I hear from women (and also many men) is that even though creatine works, there's an all too familiar side effect: it causes you to "bloat". Rather than explain the scientific reasons behind why this occurs and how our new technology overcomes this problem, I ask that you read my book on the subject or try a sample (more info is available at the end of this article).

Should Women Use Creatine? Before you go out and buy a creatine product, I'm going to give you a few key things to look for when choosing one.

First and foremost, make sure it comes from a proven source, one that goes above and beyond to ensure extremely high quality. Believe me, if there is ever a time when the old adage applies "You get what you pay for", this is it. Keep in mind, repeat sales from your client base are where real profits are found.

Second, avoid products that mix creatine with large amounts of sugar, or use what I call the "kitchen-sink" approach, literally dumping in as many items as possible into one formula. In the end, you actually get less creatine, but you pay more for it! Worst of all, these particular formulas are the ones most likely to cause unwanted, puffy "bloating" and related side effects.

Third, I highly recommend you avoid liquid creatine products because 99.9% of these formulas are completely unstable (except ours, of course!). This means they have almost no potency and are nothing more than a bottle of mostly useless byproduct.

In the end, do your homework. It will be more than worth it to your bottom line. Once you get your hands on a solid, proven, "side effect-free" creatine product, you are about to experience the next level of traiing and results!

Brian Andrews is President of All American EFX, a sports nutrition company. He can be contacted by email: You can download his FREE book called "CREATINE: Industry Insider Secrets Revealed" at:


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