Tisha Rodrigues: Swimsuit Competitor and Fitness Model

Tisha Rodriques Age: 26

Location: Massachusetts

Background: Cheerleader for 7 years, drill team and gymnastics for 4 years.

Years Training: 3

Workout Schedule: 5 days a week of weights, 3 days cardiovascular (more when competing) Kick-boxing and Yoga.

Diet: I try to eat healthy all of the time. When I am hungry, I eat, if I want something sweet, I eat it. I don't deprive myself by any means. On a contest diet, I stay very strict. Drink only water, watch the carbohydrates, take in my protein and work harder.

I got started in fitness when I basically began going to the gym 3 years ago, after the birth of my third child. I knew I needed to tone up and get back to my pre-pregnancy physique as best I could. It wasn't until I started reading Muscle & Fitness Hers, Fitness RX and Oxygen magazines that I became inspired to compete myself.

I wanted to get an idea of what it was all about, so I went to watch a few shows. I initially wanted to do a fitness routine, but didn't know where to begin, so I figured I would begin with figure to get my feet wet. My first competition was with the NABF in figure where I placed 3rd, and my second show was the Fitness Atlantic where I placed 10th in Ms Bikini Atlantic.

Now, I have competition fever and plan to compete throughout the summer. I am a personal trainer so I hope that my competing will eventually give me enough exposure to really take off with my own personal training business. In this industry, if you can make a name for yourself, why not do something with it and compete?

I know my heart is in fitness and health and that is what I want to be involved with the rest of my life. I have a background in Martial Arts, so I am going to take that and do what I can to come up with a fitness routine and hand in my "bikini." Not for good, just for the challenge. I have to say competing has already been a struggle having three children, but my husband and family have been so supportive of my dreams.

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be "persistent." When I really want something, I'm going for it all the way. I don't believe in giving up or excuses. I am an amateur right now, but I plan to change that. With enough willpower, discipline and dedication I see myself attaining all of my goals in life. I have to thank Fitness Atlantic because I had a great time competing there this year and it showed me that not all federations are alike and competing can be fun. If you aren't having fun after all that hard work, why bother?



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  • 2013 Fitness Atlantic DVD
  • 2012 Fitness Atlantic DVD
  • 2012 WBFF Eastern US Championship
  • 2011 Fitness Atlantic DVD
  • Fitness Atlantic 2010 DVD
  • Fitness Atlantic 2009 DVD
  • Fitness Atlantic 2008 DVD
  • Fitness Atlantic 2007 NPC Dutchess Classic
  • Fitness Atlantic 2006 NPC Northeastern
  • Fitness Atlantic 2006 DVD
  • 2005 INBF New York State
  • 2004 Fitness Atlantic DVD
  • 2003 Fitness Atlantic DVD
  • 2002 Fitness Atlantic DVD
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  • 1999 Fitness Atlantic DVD
  • Rachelle Cannon – Queen of Quands
  • Hugh Ross Access Granted
  • 2013 Fitness Atlantic DVD