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Jimmy Ibbison
Jimmy IbbisonI competed in my first show on April 26 2008 Fitness Atlantic with 17 male fitness models I took first and was hooked from there.
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Stefan Chapovskiy
Stefan ChapovskiyI live in Saint Petersburg, Russia and I am personal trainer in fitness and bodybuilding.
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Gregory Malonson
Gregory MalonsonHe is a former teenage model and now walks the runways in his native Houston, TX.
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Stephan Simmons
Stephan SimmonsHe is a former Marine, who has served in Iraq and Japan.
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Tyler Sarry
Tyler SarryI have competed with almost all of the organizations that offer the fitness model category to-date.
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Annette Madelynn Perry
Annette Madelynn PerryAnnette was a cheerleader for the Patriots and is now a professional hip hop dancer.
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Steven Ashhurst
Steven Roberto AshhurstSylvia Tremblay is probably the one who helped get me started in fitness.
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Frank Jones
Male fitness modeling frank JonesFormer college football player who is transitioning into the fitness/physique world.
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RyanFitness and physical training would embark me on a journey to becoming a United States Marine..
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Simeon Codo
Simeon CodoI worked in a fitness center when I was in Africa called Rocky Gym Center.
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Philip Nohe
Philip NoheMy goals in life are to be a great husband and father and to continue to learn from and achieve the goals I set for myself.
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Masha Banar
Masha BanarI have won 2nd place in Fitness Atlantic 2006 competition, but I can see more in future-it was fun.
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Jeremy Scott Williamson
Jeremy Scott WilliamsonCompeted in the 2007 Fitness Atlantic.
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Tim Taylor
Model Tim TaylorI am a finance manager and fitness model.
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Male Models 2006
male fitness modelsMale Fitness Models - Evening Wear - Trophies at the 2006 Fitness Atlantic.
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Female Models 2006
Fitness Model Division WomenFitness Model Division - Evening Wear at the 2206 Fitness Atlantic Competition.
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Fitness Model Agencies
Fitness Model AgenciesFitness Model Agencies at the Fitness Atlantic - Silver Models and Gedney Agency.
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Patricia Koziol
Patricia KoziolBikini competitor turned professional Lingerie model from MA.
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Dave Potucek
Dave PotucekI always dreamed of modeling and have taken extremely good care of my physical appearance until the opportunity fell in my lap.
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Genevieve J Cadorette
Genevieve J CadoretteMy first competition was in Boston in 2003.
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Ngo Okafor
Ngo OkaforI hope that my journey through life will serve as motivation and a shining example that dreams do come true if only you believe.
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Clark Bartram
Clark BartramAs a professional fitness model, Clark has appeared on hundreds of covers including Muscle & Fitness.
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Eric Carlson
Eric CarlsonEric Carlson is the reigning Model America Champion.
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Tony Catanzaro
Tony CatanzaroWhat I am most proud of is helping others achieve their goals. Whether its health and fitness, motivation, nutrition and well being.
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Steve Kim
Steve KimAfter years of dancing, Steve Kim began to pursue his ambition to be an elite fire/exotic/go-go dancer in the U.S.
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Tommy Bryant
Tommy BryantTom Bryant, a Certified Personal Trainer, holds several certifications and has been training individuals for over twelve years.
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Johnny-Lee Reinoso
Johnny-LeeJohnny-Lee has never stopped loving fitness and continues to model and personal train part-time.
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Andrew Ashton
Andrew AshtonI started competing in Model because I always knew I had the winning look.
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Cheyenne Nicol Prawdzik
Cheyenne Nicol PrawdzikThe initial reason I started competing was simply was to lose the 62 lbs.
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