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Stage Ready Nutrition and Training


Stage Ready Nutrition and TrainingAs the name mentions, "Stage Ready Nutrition And Training" will reveal you tips, tricks, plans and methods to make your body like that of a fitness magazine cover model.


If you wish to take part in fitness modeling, bikini shows or bodybuilding the writer, Brian Cannone will reveal every secret that he is conscious of. The author has been related with health, fitness and modeling business for 20 years. He is a gym franchise operator, has been a personal trainer and manager of teams of trainers, competed in body building competitions and judged world championship contests, and produced over 17 of the largest bodybuilding & fitness shows. In addition, everyday Brain Cannone learns about the most recent trends to transform your body. So, you can see for yourself there can be no better person than the writer himself to speak on this subject.


The author tells that to construct your body with four key elements which include nutrition, training, cardiovascular sessions and utilization of sports supplements. But, to any beginner working out the best recipe of all these four can be a phenomenal task as there is so much news and goods offered in the fitness industry. And this is where the skill of the Brian Cannone comes in. The writer from his experiences will inform you what are the best meal plans, best supplements, and best cardiovascular training and teaching you the best strategy without being hungry or fatiguing yourself.


In addition to Stage Ready Nutrition And Training online book, you will also get a 14 week pre-contest meal strategy, the insider tips of athletes with done-for-you meal plans, and weekly course of your choice for bodybuilding, bikini, figure, fitness and fitness modeling. The weekly courses teach you the rules in each division of competition and are titled "Everything You Need to Know to Compete in a Show".


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Maximum Muscle Mass


Maximum Muscle MassMaximum Muscle Mass is a 181 page e-book and a workout and nutrition system developed by Morris Mendez. Maximum Muscle Mass is a weight gain program for wanting to naturally build muscle in short amount of time.


The system is a combination of nutrition, weight lifting, and supplements into one system. The program offers to find your resting calorie burning power, discovering your activity level, adding in calories for muscle growth and tricking your body with nutrition, training, and supplement for muscle mass growth.


Also, Morris Mendez provides exercises a top powerlifter credits for adding up to 37 lbs. of muscle and using supplements that will put up to 20 lbs. of muscle on your body in only 8 weeks.


The program also offers a collection of 235+ muscle building tips and various step-by-step process tactics and techniques for muscle building, dieting, tricking your body into muscle growth and most mistakes that bodybuilders make. The system also explain a "3-Part Ultimate Muscle Weight Gain Formula" principle to guarantee muscle growth.


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Muscle in a Month


Muscle In A Month In the book "Muscle in a Month" is a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow training and nutrition regimen that anyone can follow. The premise is following the path that college student Mark has laid out, nearly anyone can put on up to ten pounds of lean muscle mass in just one month.


This plan is not complicated or difficult to follow. It doesn’t ask you to count calories or measure every portion of food. You really can’t get any more simple or straightforward than this program. It even allows you to cheat on your diet without feeling guilty.


The 30-day plan includes four week-long segments. Each includes a seven-day diet plan, workout plans and a study course. The plan asks that you start with before photos and measurements and then follow up with after photos and measurements. The before photos are a great motivator and will allow you to really see your progress along the way.


You train four days a week on the Muscle in a Month plan - two days on followed by a day of rest, then two more days on followed by two days of rest. The workout program incorporates strength training methods with progressive resistance techniques. Each training session incorporates six to seven exercises of three to four sets each. Rest periods between sets are kept pretty short, maxing out at 45 seconds. Complete exercise descriptions with photos are included in the program.


At the beginning of the book it promises to keep the program simple and straightforward. The program is based on the results of college student Mark who is a pretty smart guy and seems to have his head on straight for a guy who looks like he has a blast when he goes on Spring Break. Check out the web page below and you’ll see what I mean.


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The No Discount Guide to Fitness Marketing


Fitness MarketingIt's a jam packed 229-page manual and MP3 on everything you need to know to promote and operate a successful health club or personal training business. It takes you step-by-step on how to bring in more members and clients than you will ever need. It's a business plan to marketing and sales for your fitness business.


From boosting personal training from $0 to $10,000 a month in less than 30 days taking your company from a money pit to a cash cow.


Teaching health club membership formulas (to measure your club's profitability) you can NEVER violate if you want to stay in the fitness business.


In marketing and advertising your fitness company you will also communicate value in your marketplace will separate you from the rest of the herd.


If you own a gym, health club, personal training studio, personal training company, or considering about opening a fitness business this book goes into every detail on operating and selling fitness.


This book covers the types of models of health clubs and personal training studios, price points and profits, how to open your business from pre-sale, the design and layout of your facility, teaching your staff to handle sales objections, and how to compete in such a competitive market.


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Champions Knockout Strategies


Speaking of champions, it was Muhammed Ali who said, "...they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill." Champions are ultimate winners. It is not a shared position. There are no two first places in a race. However, in business, we have a broader sense of championship. There are many races to run, many titles to earn, and many causes to champion. So there are many Champions.


Reaching the pinnacle and staying there in business is very difficult in a highly competitive setting. This rivalry drives competitors to perform their best to achieve their ultimate goals. In fact, it could readily be said that competition drives champions.


In this book, you will meet the Celebrity Experts®. This group focuses on success in business and personal achievement. We also learn from them that while economic predominance is important, the journey to get there is equally so. They revel in becoming the best. They revel in achieving goals that no one has before.


One major difference Celebrity Expert® authors show is their willingness to share their information. They understand that while success is sweet, shared success is even sweeter. It has that 'Win-Win' flavor that we all savor.


These authors are willing to guide you down the championship lane of success by showing and sharing the details that will promote success if you follow their advice. Now, the path to success is not for the weak of heart or feint of mind… so, read on—


A Champion is someone who gets up when he can't! ~ Jack Dempsey


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How To Get Get On A Magazine Cover

2012 Fitness Atlantic Report

How to Get Six Pack Abs


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