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"Attention Personal Trainers, Male and Female Bodybuilders, Ms Figure competitors, SportsModels and Bikini Style competitors who want the insider secrets on how to create a Championship Physique..."

Bodybuilding Certification Guide The Official guide to bodybuilding and contest preparation was released internationally today. It is the world's first bodybuilding contest preparation certification course, and reveals insider secrets on how to win a Bodybuilding Show.

The Official guide to bodybuilding and contest preparation was released internationally today. It is the world's first bodybuilding contest preparation certification course, and reveals insider secrets on how to win a Bodybuilding Show. The long awaited and overdue course fills a gaping hole in the fitness and bodybuilding industry for a specific contest preparation certification. The comprehensive bodybuilding course comprises of 22 lessons bound in a 330 page printed manual, and was created by Wayne McDonald BSc President INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) and Richard Hargreaves, Mr Australia. The course is done via home study, so it can be completed anywhere in the world.and comes complete with official IAPC(International Academy of Physique Conditioning) certification at the end.

The IAPC was established to raise the standard of women and men's Physical development through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle education.and to help bodybuilders make money from their sport. The Bodybuilding Course is for all types of physique competitors; male and female bodybuilders, Ms Figure competitors, SportsModels and Bikini Style competitors.

Bodybuilding and Figure Guide Lessons covered. Psychology of winning, training methods, nutrition and diet, body types, ergogenic aids and supplementation, posing to win, manipulation of fluids, minerals and carbohydrates, 20 point checklist for contest day, long distance travelling. Plus tanning, oiling, grooming, posing costume, rules, judging criteria, drug testing, stage presence, symmetry, muscularity, posing to much more.

Says Richard."There are lots of books, systems, diets, etc. relating to fitness, bodybuilding and the like in general.but until now...nothing that specializes in a step by step blueprint that covers all the nitty gritty aspects of what a bodybuilder needs to do and know to have a chance at winning his or her show. In short.A Certificate In Bodybuilding Contest Preparation. The creators of this course have collectively combined their 50 years of qualifications and experience in the field of contest readiness and preparation. This enables them to authoritively cover all aspects that a competitive bodybuilder or personal trainer needs to know.from motivation, training, diet and supplements.right through to posing, presentation, judging, and drug testing.even what colour posing costume to wear on the day!

Nothing has been left to chance in preparing you or your client to win Your first.or last. natural bodybuilding show..." Says Wayne."But the course is much more than just a winning blueprint For competitors.on another level Personal trainers, gym instructors and Coaches stand to benefit equally. Through doing this course, a fitness Professional can make more money, increase their knowledge and expertise, improve their reputation and build their gain more respect and be recognised as an expert. This groundbreaking Bodybuilding Contest preparation course not only educates them on everything they need to know to prepare a client to win a show.but gives them a certificate at the end which they can proudly display."

As a special introductory offer, early birds who purchase the Bodybuilding Course will also get a concise yet informative 44 page guide on Sports Injuries, complete with the IAPC Nutritional Food composition table suite CD, valued at $297, absolutely FREE. Use the Food Suite CD to quickly find high protein foods, low carbohydrate foods, low fat foods, low calorie foods.foods high in potassium or zinc or sodium. In fact whatever it is you need to know about food'll find the answer here. Over 2300 pages.with an inbuilt search engine. 83 comprehensive tables in all with a database of 6040 foods will enable you to select nutrient compositions for all of them.

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"Here's How You Can Make More Money, Increase Your Knowledge and Expertise, Improve Your Reputation and Build Your Business With This New Groundbreaking and Official Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Course...Guaranteed”

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