Anabolic Window: The Newest Revolutionary Solution to Muscle Recovery

Anabolic Window Anabolic Window: The Newest Revolutionary Solution to Muscle RecoveryThe Research and Development team at Nutrabolics has developed a truly revolutionary post-exercise recovery supplement, which has been able to crack the code of muscle recovery. Anabolic Window has been scientifically proven to accelerate muscle recovery and dramatically increase lean muscle mass gains. Anabolic Window works to maximize anabolic action in the muscle tissues by rapidly restoring glycogen stores, increasing the secretion of the growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1), and increasing levels of free testosterone in the body. Anabolic Window works because it contains a superior protein blend, an easily digestible high quality carbohydrate source, and other clinically proven functional nutrients to decrease your recovery time, to accelerate anabolism in your body, and to build untouchable muscle size and strength.

After a grueling workout or a strenuous competition it is crucial that an athlete replaces muscle and liver glycogen, as well as, the protein that was lost during the exercise. Studies indicate that not only is the selection of nutrients important but the timing of nutritional intake has a significant impact on muscle recovery and enhanced performance in athletes (3). Just as proper nutrition prior to exercise improves performance, carefully choosing post-workout nutrients and fluids can speed recovery for the next workout. Needless to say, an athlete who is rested and has properly restored all lost nutrients will perform better in a hard training session than an athlete who is still reeling from the previous one. More importantly, proper muscle recovery yields adaptation, and adaptation is the process of increasing muscle mass, making gains in athletic performance, and increasing overall fitness (4). Because hormonal and enzymatic changes that enhance glucose uptake by muscle and liver cells are elevated immediately after exercise, the dietary goal after exercise is to provide the body with adequate energy, proper carbohydrates to replace muscle glycogen (storage form of glucose), and sufficient amount of protein to ensure rapid recovery (3). This is why Anabolic Window, a revolutionary, most advanced post-exercise nutritional supplement, was created. Anabolic Window was designed with the hard working athlete in mind, to help you quickly recover and enhance performance in everyway possible.

However, all the hard training in the world combined with the best nutrition in the world will not achieve those muscle gains if your body is not in anabolic state. Anabolism is essential to increase muscle strength and muscle size, because without it the muscle will not grow. After an intense training session, the main goal for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts is to replenish protein and glycogen stores depleted during the exercise. As clinical studies have proven, replenishing those nutrients depleted during the workout immediately after the training session is crucial for muscle recovery. Anabolic Window is truly the most superior post-exercise supplement because it provides 30g of high quality blend of proteins, 43g of easily digested carbohydrates with only 3 grams of sugar, and other functional nutrients in one delicious and convenient shake. Just mix three scoops of this tasty supplement with 12 to 16 ounces of water within 45 minutes after your workout and you are on your way to superior muscle recovery.

Anabolic Window is your answer to superior post-exercise muscle recovery because it amplifies anabolic activity. With 30 grams of the highest quality protein blend available, Nutrabolics Anabolic Window promotes positive nitrogen balance in the body. Anabolic Window is a truly revolutionary breakthrough in post workout recovery that begins with the inclusion of the two superior rapidly absorbed proteins: Ultra High D.H. complete spectrum whey protein hydrolysate and cross flow micro filtrated whey protein isolate. Research on these two primary ingredients in Anabolic Window suggests that these proteins have many benefits for post-exercise recovery, specifically for gains in muscle size and strength (3). This superior whey protein isolate blend is an easily digestible, high quality protein source, which is clinically proven to have protein concentration of 90% or higher as a result of two processes, micro-filtration and ion-exchange (1). Hydrolyzed whey protein is used because the process of hydrolysis breaks down the protein molecule into smaller segments called peptides (small chains of amino acids) (5), making the protein easier to digest and rapidly used up for the quickest muscle recovery.

Furthermore, clinical studies have proven that whey protein isolate in Anabolic Window has an excellent amino acid profile including the highest source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine (1). In fact, the protein used in Anabolic Window has the highest levels of BCAAs: approximately 26% of its amino acid profile (as compared to 22% of egg white protein, 20% milk protein isolate, and 17% of soy protein) (1). Anabolic Window is also a source of complete proteins, meaning that the protein contains all of the essential amino acids necessary for the human body. Studies indicate that amino acid composition appears to influence the response of muscle protein balance following resistance exercise and net muscle protein synthesis results, specifically from the ingestion of essential amino acids (7). As a source of a complete protein, Anabolic Window contains high levels of arginine and lysine, which have been clinically proven to stimulate the release of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) (1). The growth hormone is an anabolic hormone and muscle growth stimulator. In the fifth paragraph for anabolic window, change the sentence to below so it is proper grammar. Hence, increased levels of this hormone circulating in the blood poses an incredible benefit for the bodybuilder and strength training athletes, by providing a natural alternative to anabolic-androgenic aids; Furthermore, the whey protein combination in Anabolic Window is an excellent source of glutamine, an essential amino acid for athletes because of the role it plays in preventing fatigue and over-training (1). Glutamine helps with muscle glycogen replenishment and helps to prevent a decrease in immune function from over-training (1). In addition, whey protein hydrolysate and cross-flow micro-filtrated whey protein isolate found in Anabolic Window are a source of protein that is low in fat, virtually lactose-free, and low in cholesterol (5).

Anabolic Window Not only are you getting the most advanced protein blend for increased lean muscle mass, Anabolic Window is also clinically proven to dramatically accelerate post-exercise glycogen replenishment. Included in Anabolic Window are the physique altering properties of Nutrabolic's patent pending Anabolic Shock Matrix and also the advanced multi-stage insulinotropic carbohydrate blend that has the ability to act as a superior natural transport system and replenish the body's glycogen stores. During strenuous exercise the primary source of fuel is glucose circulating in the blood and the stored form of glucose known as glycogen (given that sufficient stores of glycogen exist in the muscle and the liver) (4). It is recommended that individuals training on a daily basis consume approximately 6 to 10 g of carbohydrates per kg body weight (4). Clinical trials indicate that for quick post-exercise recovery, depleted glycogen stores must be replenished immediately after training (2,4) because the first 30 minutes after the workout there is increased enzymatic and hormonal activity in the body (2,4). Furthermore, consuming a proper amount of high glycemic carbohydrates post-workout will spare the use of body protein, so that it can be used to build and repair muscle (4). For accelerated muscle recovery timing is everything, and Anabolic Window is the only advanced post-exercise supplement that has the capability to quickly replenish glycogen stores in the muscle. Anabolic Window is the ideal post-exercise supplement because it provides 43 grams of easily digested carbohydrates that will work to replenish any depleted glycogen stores immediately after the training session.

Anabolic Window is the most advanced and truly revolutionary post-exercise recovery supplement available today. Anabolic Window has forever changed muscle recovery because it is clinically proven to promote and dramatically accelerate anabolism in the muscle after exercise. There is nothing more important after an intense grueling workout than supplementing your body with the nutrients it needs to kick-start and accelerate that anabolic process. Every serving of Anabolic Window contains clinically proven muscle-building ingredients that work in synergy to dramatically promote increases in positive nitrogen balance and build lean muscle mass. Make every single drop of sweat count with this powerful post-exercise recovery supplement designed to accelerate post-exercise muscle recovery, rapidly replenish muscle glycogen stores, amplify anabolic activity, promote positive protein balance, and increase muscle building hormone secretion. What are you waiting for! Timing is everything and Anabolic Window is the only clinically proven post-exercise supplement that will maximize your anabolic opportunity to dramatically increase muscle strength and build lean muscle mass!




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