Fitness Atlantic Fitness Model Tony Catanzaro

Anthony Catanzaro Age: 35

Birth Date: 12/18/70

Birth Place: Bayshore, NY

Current Residence: Ozone Park, NY

Height & Weight: 5'-10" and 190LBS

My name is Anthony Catanzaro, but all of my friends call me Tony. I was born in Bay Shore Long Island; I now reside in New York City. My father Carlo worked in the fish business and my mother Rosaria was a seamstress. Both of them have unfortunately passed away. I love and miss them dearly everyday.

I am the youngest of six children. I have four sisters named Kathy, Lisa, Annette, and Francine. I also have an older brother named Michael. All of us live in the New York area . I'm also married and my wife's name is Tina. Yes, we had the real Tony and Tina's wedding!

My dream to become successful started when I was around 8 years old. I used to, and still love to imitate people. I still remember being 10 years old and imitating my uncle Sal. I would actually put on shows in my house and my whole family would watch as I imitated my uncle Sal. He was and still is a character, but that's another story! I started to get so good at it that imitating anyone became an event. My parents would get phone calls from my school saying that your son is jumping off the desks with a red towel pined around his neck thinking he's Superman! I always had to entertain people somehow wherever I was. I think that the most important thing you can do is to make someone smile and feel good. To me, that's the greatest gift you can give.

Growing up in Bay Shore, we all lived in a small house. My brother and sister's being much older than I moved out when I was still a child. It was around my 15th birthday when I transformed one of the bedrooms in my house into a gym. I was so into WWE Wrestling at that time, I used to love to watch Hulk Hogan pump up his persona on TV. I used to get crazy watching it! I think that was the spark that got me into fitness and bodybuilding. On my 15th Birthday, my sister Fran bought me a weight set. Then one week later around Christmas, I used my money to buy a bench to go with it. And the rest is history! I still remember playing "ROCKY" music and hearing my mother screaming at me because it was so loud! You see, the room I used for the gym was right next to the kitchen, and my mother was always in the kitchen cooking. I still listen to my "Rocky" CD today, and feel right at home playing it nice and loud!

I got into Male Modeling at the age of 18, and continue to have a busy schedule this very day. I not only compete as a male fitness model, I also compete in natural bodybuilding shows all over the country. I also have appeared in many Films, TV shows, commercials, magazines, and catalogs. But what I am most proud of is helping others achieve their goals. Whether its health and fitness, motivation, nutrition and well being I always encourage people to follow their dreams and I believe we all have a purpose, and we should all help each other find that purpose. I'm glad I found mine as a child.

Remember, follow your dreams and always have faith!

Trust in GOD, and believe in him for he will lead you to great things!

I hope you enjoyed reading my biography. I wish you all the best today and always!

God Bless,

Tony Catanzaro



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