Bikini Competitor Tiffany Amber Tillinger

Bikini Model Ameila Powers First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany Amber Tillinger, I live in Plainfield, Connecticut. I've lived in Connecticut my whole life. Right now I currently live with my boyfriend Sean and Uncle Chad.

I love them, they're probably two of the most funniest guys I've ever joke! There is never a dull moment in that house.

I first started training at Flex Fitness gym when I was about 18 years old. I've always been active in my teens whether it was gymnastics or cheerleading.

I was always a skinny little thing. It wasn't until I started dating my Professional Body Builder Hottie that I wanted to take my fitness lifestyle to the next level. I would always mention to Sean on and off that I would like to compete in a show, finally he was like "you really want to do a show? January you'll start training for April 26th, it's the Fitness Atlantic Show". So I started training and dieting for my first show in January of this year, I was determined...

2008 has been such a tremendously great year for me so far. I competed in my first show April 26th, 2008 and placed 5th in bikini short division...not too bad for your first show... I loved it and I am now officially hooked...I don't know...maybe it's that "rush" I get when I'm on stage and ALL eyes are on me. I love being around such positive and dedicated people and all of the endless beautiful and fit bodies.

Fitness Atlantic was such a fun and inspiring show to be in. I would highly recommend it if your considering to compete for your first time, just an overall great atmosphere. Fitness Universe in Miami was my next stop placing in the Top 10 for bikini short division, that was a huge show...over 500 competitors...loved every second of it. It was great spending some quality time with my fellow Savage Sistahs...Cathy Savage you're truly an amazing woman, I couldn't have done this without those Sunday Sessions, posing, and motivational conversations with you.

I love the lifestyle I am living, I'm HAPPY, HEALTHY, and in LOVE with the utmost amazing man in the world...MuscleMania Pro Sean Larson (What more could a girl ask for?). He has helped me and given me the strength to become who I am today..."thanks Boo Boo Head ;)" We inspire and motivate each other, as well as doing so to other's around us. We enjoy being considered the "It Couple" around town. It's nice knowing you can be someone's inspiration to get in shape. With that said, Sean and I are going to get certified as fitness trainers in the near future and eventually open our own gym/spa. We love helping people, why not make a living off of it?

I look forward to competing in the upcoming next stop is Fitness New York. I hope all the experience that I'm gaining helps me in my placing. If anyone would like to contact me for networking or business opportunities email me at:


Tiffany Amber Tillinger



Bikini Competitor Tiffany Amber Tillinger



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