Fitness Model Steven Roberto Ashhurst

Bobby Ashurst

Nickname: Bobby

bday: January 28, ?

bplace: Angeles City, Phillipines

residence: Gilbert, AZ

heightweight: 5'10" 175 lbs

I started competing because a few friends kept asking me to do it year after year. I was traveling a lot for work and figured agreeing to do one would give me the incentive to work off some of the corporate office belly I began to develop.

What inspires me now are the many supportive friends who encourage me to continue. As my fitness has improved I have seen a big change in their own attitudes towards their own health and fitness. The fact that my my competing has motivated alot of them to live healthier lives makes me realize that I am doing the right thing and making an impact indirectly on the lives of others.

I have done two shows so far, Fitness Hollywood 2007 (23rd place) and Fitness Atlantic 2008 (4th place). I plan on competing later this year in Fitness Universe, Fitness New York and the America Championships in Las Vegas.

Sylvia Tremblay is probably the one who helped get me started in fitness competitions. She is one of the friends who have asked me to try this for years. Although I've always been an athlete and love to compete and seeing how dedicated she was to her fitness pushed me to see how far I could push myself in the gym.

I still ask Sylvia for advice as well as a my friends Joe Valdez, trainer and competitive bodybuilder, and Andrew Brown, professional fitness model, who will also be competing in Miami with me. I have also recently began working with Cathy Savage and her men's trainer Rob Knox. I figure if I want to be the best then I should work with the best and I believe this group of people will help me to accomplish that.

I work out at LA Fitness in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ.

I take GNC's Mega Men Sport Multivitamin, Max Muscle's Max Glutamine, Nature Made Iron, GNC Double Strength Fish Oil, Ultra Plan Glucosamine Chondroitin Supreme, Max Muscle's Max Kre Alkalyn, GNC Calcium Plus 1000, and GNC Tuarine 500, Optimum Nutition Whey Protein and Max Muscle High 5 Blended Protein.

My weight has stayed basically the same for the past 8 years but I have dropped a significant amount of body fat and increase my lean muscle mass. I typically walk around at 6-8% bodyfat and compete at around 4%.

Fitness has given me a new focus in my life. It has also allowed me to travel and meet so many fantastic people around the country. It is such a welcome change from my typical corporate world where fitness and health seem to be far down on the list of priorities.

male muscle model Bobby

I have always been an athlete since childhood and love to compete. When competing in sports the goal is always to win or if you can't win to give your all so you have no regrets. My goal is to win every competition I enter and if I can't then to know I gave it my all. I also tend to immerse myself in all things I do in life so I began studying to be a personal trainer so when I'm helping friends workout or diet then I actually have some knowledge other than my own personal experiences I can draw on for the advice I give them. I still have a hard time viewing myself as a "model" but I'm sure my mom would love to see me in a few magazines so she can show all her friends and neighbors. It would be cool though to see myself in a magazine I read every now and then too.

I eat 6-7 meals a day. My first two meals are typically oatmeal or grits with chocolate protein powder. Two other meals are typically a lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish) a complex carb (brown rice, corn tortilla, wheat bread, etc) and a salad with balsamic vinegar. I also have a protein shake with a fast absorbing carbohydrate powder both before and after my workouts. I don't really have cheat meals but I do tend to overdo it on the rice cakes, peanut butter and sugar free jam at the end of the day. I love that stuff!

My work out schedule is as follows.

Monday - Cardio (AM), Legs (PM);

Tuesday - Cardio (AM), Chest and Core (PM);

Wednesday - Yoga/Hiking/Cardio;

Thursday - Cardio (AM), Back, Biceps and Core (PM);

Friday - Cardio (AM), Shoulders and Triceps (PM);

Saturday - Yoga/Hiking/Cardio and Core;

Sunday - Rest Day

I typically don't do more than twenty minutes of cardio on the days I lift but usually do high intensity interval training during those sessions.

I am a commercial real estate broker for UGL Equis. We represent the federal government and Fortune 500 companies in acquiring and negotiating new and existing real estate.

I have always been an entrepreneurial person and would like to leave the corporate world and have my own business. I'm not exactly sure what that business will be. There seems to be alot of things I would like to do so settling on one thing is pretty difficult.

I used to play footall, soccer and basketball up until blowing out my knee in college.

I would love to thank all my friends and family for being so supportive and understanding about what would them seem to be absurd things I do primarily with my diet. I also appreciate that they put up with me being grumpy if I miss my meals.

I am not a gambler but I do play Texas Hold Em. I love the fact that it is a mental competition rather than the physical competitions I've always done my entire life. I recently began teaching myself photography as well. I'm amazed how some photographers can take a common object or person and make it look like a work of art.

I don't believe in excuses so any challenges I run into I like to take on and overcome.



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