Fitness Model Ryan

Fitness Model Ryan Height: 6'1

Weight: 195

Life was fun growing up in North Jersey, after realizing that fitness and physical training would embark me on a journey to becoming a United States Marine.

It was playing high school athletics in which dedicated Ryan to fitness, strength and conditioning, and establishing a healthy lifestyle. At the age of 17, Ryan Enriquez enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in June 2001. During boot camp, September 11 has occurred and his life has changed. He had to accept that the nation will be looking for his service in the future.

After completing all the necessary training with the Marine Corps, Ryan was enrolled in Bergen Community College majoring in Criminal Justice and Exercise Science. He was an intern at the college as a fitness manager, training students and collegiate track athletes.

In 2003, he was deployed to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. After injuring himself overseas, he has learned to appreciate the value of life. The deployment and service to his country was a rewarding experience, he often asked himself the question, “What Next? Returning back home, Ryan continued his education in Fairleigh Dickenson University finishing his major in Criminal Justice.

After a long deployment away from home, and having the appreciate of the value of life, he decided to inspire others by working as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. Ryan wanted to take his values and hard work ethic and apply to his classes and clients.

Ryan currently works at New York Sports Club in Hoboken, NJ as a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor. He teaches a variety of classes including kickboxing, total body, and dance. Ryan inspired himself to pursue modeling. What make him different are his unique facial features, his symmetrical physique, and inspirational personality. In essence, Ryan decided to embark on a journey to his first modeling competition in the Fitness Atlantic 2007.

With one more year of college, Ryan is pursuing a career in law enforcement. His philosophy in life is, you always grasp the positive attributes in people you meet and apply it to your own character. When you go home at night look across the mirror and ask the person in front of you, did I give everything I have today? The person in front of you is the only person you can not lie to.



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