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Rhodiola Supplement Guide: Relieve Stress, Anxiety, And Mood Changes!

Rhidiola Facts and Information Rhodiola rosea root extract has a wide range of adaptogenic functions. An adaptogen is a substance (typically an herb) that helps a body to adapt to stressful situations. That is, it produces a normalizing action on the body, increasing resistance to adverse influences. The adaptogenic effects of Rhodiola have been demonstrated in numerous studies, resulting in increased resistance to the effects of stress, and improvements in associated anxiety and moodiness.

One way that Rhodiola performs these remarkable functions is by improving the neurological mechanisms of dealing with stress. This includes stimulating the release of the mood-modulating neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Rhodiola has also been shown to support modest increases in beta-endorphins that supports pain reduction and improves mood. Supplementation with Rhodiola may be expected to promote positive support for mild mood changes, and provide relief from everyday stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the synergistic balance of all eight essential Rhodiola biomers will provide maximum benefits.

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Rhodiola Facts and Information




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