Bikini Competitor Rachel L. Delacalzada

Bikini Competitor Rachel L. Delacalzada Age: 23

Birthday: 12/19/1983

Birthplace: Honolulu Hawaii

Residence: Enfield, CT

Height weight: 5'9, 140

I started to compete when I finished playing college volleyball, which I had spent my whole life competing in. When volleyball was over I needed something to focus on, keep me occupied and motivated.

My best friend Megan Hanson inspired me to do a show after she had competed last November 2006. Watching her prepare for the show I realized competing was something new and different that would be challenging to me, keep me focused and occupied while I went to school and worked as a pilates instructor at Gold's Gym.

I competed in Fitness Atlantic April 28, 2007 and got third place in the tall division. My next competition will be June 22 in Miami Florida, Ms. Universe.

Cathy Savage and my trainer Mike Misialek helped me with my workout plans, cardio, diet and most of all my mentality... they kept me sane through it all.

My boyfriend Gary and my mother and grandparents are my best supporters. They help me stay focused reminding me of my goals and dreams. Both my brothers keep me motivated by swearing they are stronger than me... I let them believe this for their confidence, but deep down I think they know I'm stronger haha. Kathy Carrigher, my partner in all my competitions keeps me going by dreaming with me of the accomplishments we've achieved so far and what more we have ahead of us. Steve Suschana has also been a great help to me by keeping me motivated daily, conscious of how many days left until show, and how "easy" doing the diet is.

I train at Gold's Gym West Springfield, which is my home gym!

I use Reliv as my multi vitamin, fiber and glutamine supplement. They have patents on most of their products and are considered food not a supplement so I will forever stay on these products!

Bikini Competitor Rachel Delcalzada I've lost 18 lbs competing and I feel great. I never considered myself overweight or big, I have always been in shape, however I never thought my frame could be so small and I love it!

Fitness makes me feel beautiful, fit and happy. I'm in shape and that makes me feel like I can do anything. I am confident in everything I do now and I wish everyone could feel the way I do.

I continue to stay fit, teach pilates and go to school to be a Registered Dietician so that my future goal is to help people feel as good about themselves as I do. In future competitions I hope beat the placing that I had in my first competition at Fitness Atlantic and get first place! I'm shooting to be the best just like the rest of them!

My diet is high in protein, and green vegetables. My favorite starches are couscous or oatmeal with a scoop of cookies and cream whey protein by Beverly, which I eat in the first three meals of my day. I eat minimal fruit but when I do I love mangos, bananas and pineapples (*I'm from Hawaii!) My favorite cheat Meal is Mexican food and my favorite cheat snacks are Fig Newton's and peanut butter sweet and salty bars.

I normally do 45min cardio 5 days a week, I love the stair mill and I split upper and lower bodies for lifting three times a week until I get 4 weeks out from show and then I combine upper and lower to have full body workouts.

I am a pilates and Piyo instructor, I love to push people to their limits, hear them moan and groan and see them do things they thought they couldn't do. I am nutrition Major at Saint Joseph college in W. Hartford CT and I look forward to helping people eat to live, not live to eat.

A major goal in my life right now is to graduate at the top of my class and create a job in the nutrition field or find a job that is combined with working out and competing.

I play beach volleyball, collegiate volleyball, collegiate lacrosse, gun shooting at the range and outdoor actives such as white water rafting; trail running, and rock climbing.

I would like to thank my mother for believing that I can do anything. For my grandparents for being open minded to me trying new things and exceptional thanks to my boyfriend Gary for always being patient with me while on this diet and understanding.

For hobbies I love to camp, sew clothes, crochet scarves and blankets.

My favorite part of competing has been the opportunity to meet Alicia Marie and to start modeling for Silver Models, which has been a dream, come true.




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