Fitness Model - Philip Nohe

Fitness Model Philip Nohe

Hails From Tobyhanna, PA

I am starting to compete as a way of challenging myself. I am also looking to learn from experience so that I can apply what I learn to my personal training clients.

I plan to do 2 or 3 more fitness-modeling contests, then get into regional and national level bodybuilding shows.

I started reading health and fitness books and magazines in the early 90's and from many magazine articles and trail and error started getting ready getting myself in shape.

I read a lot and stay current on the health and fitness theory and I put everything that I read through my own filter and use what I believe to be valid. I would like to thank Pocono Mountain Fitness in Mount Pocono, PA and a huge thanks to Joe and everyone there.

The supplements I use depends on what goals I am working towards. My standards are on Whey Protein, fish oil, amino acids, multi-vitamins, and a time released casein protein at night. I add to this depending on my goals, time of year, etc.

The results I have achieved are lost bodyfat, increased muscle, gained an overall better body and mind. I am more focused and confident.

Fitness has changed my life and impacts all areas of my life in a postive way. I am now a personal trainer helping others to improve their lives through health and fitness.

Fitness Model Philip Nohe

I'd like to become a successful and sought after personal trainer and fitness model.

My diet consists of 6-7 meals per day, no junk, and a lot of whole foods. My favorite cheat is sushi and Chinese food.

My workout has some type of cardio every day (bike, basketball, jog, etc.).

Day 1. Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders

Day 2. Back and biceps

Day 3. Legs

My reps and sets change according to my goals. I am all about periodization training.

I own my own photography business and I am also an adventure programming educator were I teach middle and high school students activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and outdoor sports. I am a full-time personal trainer focusing on sport-specific athletic improvement, weight loss / weight management, and beginner programs.

My goals in life are to be a great husband and father and to continue to learn from and achieve the goals I set for myself. My wife is great…I do not know how she puts up with me? We have one son, he will be 14 months old at the contest. I love you Amy and Ian!

My hobbies include cooking, rock climbing, ice climbing, biking (road and mountain), camping and photography.



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