Bikini Competitor Megan Hoffman

Bikini Competitor Megan Hoffman Let me start out by saying that I've been an athlete my whole life. Born June 6, 1980 with a hint of athletic ability, a love of sports, and a fear of nothing- I was placed in gymnastics at age 3. I continued with it for 10 years until I literally "grew" out of the sport. I spent high school playing basketball, running track, and diving at the varsity level. I took up lacrosse (my collegiate sport of choice) my junior & final year of high school, (I finished high school in 3 years). Unfortunately, years of being involved in a sport that emphasized a petite frame, coupled with my perfectionism & competitive nature, took a toll on my health. I struggled with eating disorders well into college, bottoming out at 79lbs. Through continued years of help from doctors, nutritionists, specialists, and family, I can now proudly say I have been healthy for 6 years. After growing 5 inches and topping out at 173lbs, I decided to lose weight the right way. To eat healthy (not diet) & exercise for my health, my body, myself.

I started doing an hour of cardio 5 days a week. In addition to teaching spin & playing lacrosse, I scaled back my portions, ate when I was hungry, & made it a lifestyle change, not a 6 week project to 'get in shape.' I was a work in progress!! The first 25lbs came off over the course of 4 years. When I got engaged in 2005, I decided I would enlist the help of a trainer to help me kick up my weight training a notch.

My trainer takes no prisoners and soon my hard work was paying off. He asked if I had ever considered competing or fitness modeling. I promptly asked him if he was feeling alright. When he mentioned it to my then fiancé (apparently he was feeling fine!) I decided to enter the Fitness Atlantic Pageant for Bikini. With the tremendous help of former bikini competitor & competition consultant/trainer, Missy Fulton, I took 1st place- shocking everyone, most of all ME!

Only one week before my wedding, I found Missy & me trekking to Miami for Ms. Bikini Universe. It was completely overwhelming- gorgeous women, photographers everywhere- I couldn't believe I was about to step on stage for only the 2nd time in my entire life!! I placed in the top 10 & went home ecstatic, but with my sights set for Ms. Bikini America in November.

I hope to step onstage in November at Ms. Bikini America not only looking great, but feeling great inside & out! In the meantime, I continue to train 3 days a week for 1-1 1/2 hrs with weights. Right now my trainer & I are experimenting with per iodization. We are cycling my weights & cardio, adding volume, then decreasing it right before a competition to hopefully 'peak my physique' at the show. Mostly I do low to no weight exercises that are high intensity, low impact moves. I am always changing it up- not only do I get bored easily, but I want to constantly keep my body guessing. For cardio I typically walk, then run for 1-1 ½ hrs five days a week, take 3 Turbokick classes & 1 PiYo class. It clears my head & keeps those body conscious demons from rearing their ugly heads. Right before a competition I add it a Flex class twice a week & love to do Bikram yoga to clean out my system.

My inspirations and strength come from my wonderful husband & his family, my mother, the Maloney family, & my incredible friends. I try everyday to make a conscious effort to be the best for myself, so that I can in turn be the best for others. My journey; spiritually, emotionally, & physically is a work in progress & I cannot wait to see where it will lead me next!!




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