Fitness Model Masha Banar

Fitness Model Masha Banar Birth Place: Russia

Current Residence: Boston, MA

Height & Weight: 5'10" and 123 lbs

I decided to compete in Fitness Model division to get more exposure and through that to do what I want to do most: promote fitness and healthy life style.

My mom is my biggest inspiration for me- she is a beautiful woman, a Doctor, and many times champion in Badminton championships in Russia. She was the first who dragged me to a workout session with her trainer when I was 13 and taught me to love being active.

I have won 2nd place in Fitness Atlantic 2006 competition, but I can see more in future-it was fun. I have been in many fashion shows for designers from NY and MA!

I'm a self-starter. Everything I have achieved or done was without anybody's help, but I do have a great support system: husband, parents, and friends-I wouldn't be here without them.

I workout at Fitness Unlimited - the best women's gym ever they have the best trainers and classes.

As far as supplements I know I at least should take a multivitamin, especially being a medical provider, but I'm bad.

I enjoy working out as it gives me more energy and strength. I have to thank Power Yoga for abs too. It's another wonderful way to enjoy your body, see how far you can go, what you can achieve, and have fun doing it.

My goal is to get on the covers of popular Fitness magazines, but most importantly to get a chance to speak out about ways of living a longer, happier, healthier life.

I don't diet or starve. I'm trying to eat healthy balanced meals, preferably organic, with lots of fruits and vegetables. Fitness Model Masha Banar

I do Power Yoga couple mornings a week. Badminton training on Wednesdays if I have time and twice-three times a week I do a work out mix: 40 minutes run/walking on incline with another half an hour endurance workout incorporating fitness ball and weights.

I am a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Physician Associate. Basically doing surgery and caring for patients post-op, mostly reconstructive practice in big hospital: MVA victims, decubitus ulcers repair, body contouring procedures for people who lost a lot of weight.

I want to be very successful both in a medical and modeling field, have a family, travel, and help people realize their potential and live to the fullest.

Other sports I play are Badminton, basketball, tennis, and cross-country skiing.

I would like to thank my parents who were brave to send me to US for a better life. My husband for supporting even my craziest ideas and my friends for being there to share my life with.Fitness Model Masha Banar

Modeling started as a hobby, but grew into something much more. I met so many talented wonderful people, made money, got some cool clothes and jewelry, and had so much fun!!!

My profession involves standing for hours, sometimes in a crooked position, without food, water, or using the bathroom.

I treat obstacles as a game and it's exciting to challenge yourself. The few from my life probably when I just come to US and was the only foreign (and the youngest!) student in college-it was difficult to catch up with the program and still have a good GPA.







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