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Writer Marc David As a 135 pound weakling, Marc David was unhappy with his body and desperate to make a change. He decided to get into bodybuilding, but didn't really know where to start or how to properly eat and train for big muscle gains. After spending years in the gym with mediocre-at-best results, he realized that he would never achieve the body he wanted without doing the proper research first. Marc began dedicating his time and effort to studying all of the different aspects of building muscle, burning fat and gaining strength... and boy, did it pay off.

Marc now weighs in at a lean and muscular 200 pounds and is a respected authority in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. He owns and operates several high traffic bodybuilding websites, has written articles for some of the top fitness sites on the Internet and is also the author of The Beginner's Guide To Bodybuilding And Fitness, an indepth step-by-step guide designed specifically for bodybuilding "newbies".

Marc specializes in helping beginners get on the right path so that they can avoid the common, critical mistakes that almost all of us make when we first start out. Everyone wants to dive headfirst into their bodybuilding program and get the instant gratification of massive muscle gains (sorry to burst your bubble, but instant gratification doesn't exist in the bodybuiling game!), and almost all beginners make the same mistakes that prevent them from achieving any real progress. Marc solves this by teaching others how to train sensibly, set realistic goals, setup a proper nutrition plan and much more. Check out his articles below as well as his highly popular e-book, The Beginner's Guide To Bodybuilding And Fitness.

Marc David Articles

The Scary Truth About Soy Protein and Bodybuilding
Diet Eating vs. Eating Less!
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Good Fat......Bad Fat?
3 Ways to Avoid Overtraining
Bodybuilding Quiz: How Motivated Do You Feel?
The Undramatic Muscle-Building Benefits Of Glutamine
The 4 Rules of Performance Nutrition...
The Best Routine I've Ever Done
Creatine and Teenagers!
NO2 Muscle Enhancing Hemodialator
Glucosamine Review and Potential Benefits


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Beginner's Guide To Fitness & BodybuildingBeginner's Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding
If you're new to fitness or bodybuilding and confused as to where to begin or maybe you just want to know the fundamentals, information overload or lack of any decent information about how to start your fitness journey or you simply cannot afford to buy hundreds of dollars of products a month than this will be the most important book as a beginner you have ever read.

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