Bikini Competitor Katherine Elise

Katherine Elise Bikini Competitor Nickname: Kat

Age: 25

Birthday: 8/14/82

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas

Residence: New York, NY

Height & Weight: 5'8, 130lbs

I was born a type A totally OC (obsessive compulsive, not Los Angeles) personality with way too much energy. My parents basically threw me on a soccer field when I was five so I'd run myself into the ground and go to sleep. Needless to say, I loved the outlet for focusing my energy and building team camaraderie.

In high school I would play club ball and varsity sports at the same time, running from track practice to soccer practice to homework before I literally collapsed. Shell should have sponsored me with all the money I spent on Gas! Sports brought me to the East Coast where I played Division I Soccer and Volleyball for Columbia. It was a very rude awakening to suddenly be a very small fish in a very large pond(academically and athletically). I buried my head in the books and buckled down for the first time in the weight room. It wasn't until my junior year when I actually began to appreciate weight training.

I started working with Jason Feruggia and he helped me put on some serious muscle before my senior season where I made the starting line-up. Unfortunately, without the structure of college, I didn't have a reason to get to the weight room or eat right. A friend of mine had been working for a marketing firm that handled a lot of supplement companies and she suggested I compete. I'd read Oxygen before, but I'd never dreamed of competing. She made it all sound so simple (boy was I duped)! I have never laughed so hard in my life when we were rinsing off our tans in Dena's hotel room at the Fitness Hollywood 2006. If there was a list of do-nots in this business, we would have checked off every box.

Katherine Elise

I didn't finish dead last, though I almost fell off the stage. I was ready to move on, but we met with Cathy Savage and then Alicia Marie in NY and I was convinced to try one more time a the Fitness Atlantic in 2007. I had such a great time that I've never looked back!

I have the rare privilege of working with Alicia Marie on a day-to-day basis. She's truly incredible. At 6:00am when I want to cry, she's there with some ridiculous comment to make me laugh. I'm also inspired by all of the Savage Sisters, who are always there to lend a hand.

Finally, I'm inspired by my mom, who's grace and professionalism continue to inspire me every day.

In 2007 I took 9th in the Fitness Atlantic Tall Class. Then I took 2nd place in both the FAP New York Fitness Model and Bikini Tall Class. I finished the 2007 season with a Top Ten finish at the Fitness Hollywood show. I'm looking forward to kicking my 2008 season off at the Fitness Atlantic! I'm also looking forward to competing in my first FAP Universe contest.

I'm so glad Cathy Savage didn't laugh me out of her studio when I put on my first pair of plastic heels. I hadn't even taken them out of the box. It was her true enthusiasm for the sport that get me fired up then, and continues to get me fired up now. I love going to her site and reading about successes for all her girls. That motivates me every day to turn it up and put down the cookie!

I continue to work with Alicia and Cathy. I also work with a trainer, Taj Bailey, at Crunch Gym. He really helps me find the next level even when I'm convinced I've reached my max.

Crunch Gym and Equinox. Yes, I two different memberships and no excuses!

I use BSN Dessert protein. All of the flavors are amazing and the grams are great for me. I had a hard time finding protein with the right grams, but this is fabulous. I take UDOs oil or some other fish oil pills and a multi-vitamin ever day. That's it. Everything else is just straight up diet.

Katherine Elise and Alicia Marie

Every competition I see better results. I start earlier and really pay attention to how my body responds to different foods. I think the best result I've had was the day I did 5 unassisted pull-ups.

When I think of fitness, it's really always been a part of my life. The great thing about fitness is that there are so many options. From snowboarding to rock climbing, you name it. Everyone has a viable option. I love setting goals and then achieving them and there is always a new goal in fitness. Playing collegiate sports was a dream come true for me and it gave me the chance to go to one of the best colleges in the country.

I would love to win a show in 2008! Outside of the competition scene, I would love to compete in an IronMan contest and run the New York Marathon.

Katherine Elise Bikini Model Competitor The diet is always a work in progress, but I stick to the A and B list! I rarely drink and I think that was one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome living in New York (land of the bars, clubs and 5AM curtain calls). I always eat 5 small meals a day with protein at every meal. I rotate my carb intake based on my show dates. My favorite cheat meal is definitely chicken parm!

I usually do 3-4 days of cardio with 4 days of weight training. Weights usually consist of two upper and two lower.

I work in Internet advertising sales. It's a dynamic industry (google, facebook, etc.). I recently joined GLAM Media's health division and it's the first time I'm truly passionate about the sites I'm selling. Now my fitness web searches are "research."

I'd like to get certified as a personal trainer and start my own fitness website at some point in the future.

Thank you to my ever supportive, and patient, boyfriend Chris!

Being in sales, calorie-laden dinners and drinks are standard with the job. Trying to manage a competition schedule and late nights is never easy. My trick is the soda water with lime!



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