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Writer Karen Sessions Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition. She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

Karen has written six e-books on fitness. She also writes articles for several fitness websites, and distributes two monthly newsletters regarding weight loss and female bodybuilding.

Karen has helped hundreds of clients reach their goal of transforming their body. Her success and success stories speak for themselves.

Karen Sessions Articles

Figure Competition Success Tips For The Newbie
3 Tips For Figure Competition Success
Decoding the Fat Loss Equation
8 Simple Tips on How to Get in Shape
The Ultimate Body Transformation
A Cut Above the Rest
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Critical Dieting Errors Part II
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Those Last 10 Pounds
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Circuit Training
Reshape Your Body
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A Training Marathon Won't Produce Growth
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Plateau Busters
Bodybuilding, the Symmetrical Side
Muscle Stimulation or Exaggeration?
The Stomach Vacuum
Why Binges Take Place
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Acidic Bodybuilders
More Calories = More Muscle?
Gaining Muscle With Carbs
The Misunderstood Truth about Calories and Fat Loss
The Meltdown Challenge Scandal
6 Bodybuilding Dieting Mistakes
Why Don't I Look Like a Fitness Model Yet?
Bodybuilding Holiday Survival
Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain
Recharging Your New Year's Resolution!!
3 Fattening Habits You Must ELIMINATE Now!
Water and the Fat-Loss Connection
Cardio Queen Syndrome
Bun and Thigh Exercises! Get a Firm and Shapely Booty
Slow Metabolism? Are You A Metabolic Mess?
10 Steps on Improving Your Metabolism
Daily Mass
Developed Shoulders for a Polished Physique
Rest for Muscle Growth
The Stack to Produce Muscle Gains
The Never Ending Question about Repetitions: Part I
The Never Ending Question about Repetitions: Part II
Shredded Quads
Killer Quads



FREE eBook from Karen Sessions

15 Dieting MistakesThe Top 15 Dieting Mistakes
Knowing, and understanding the most common dieting mistakes and how to avoid them will help you get you on the road to permanent weight loss.

Remember, weight loss is not an event, its a journey. Take your time and and work on forming healthy habits that will give you long term results.



Karen Session's eBooks & Web Sites

Figure Competition SecretsFigure Competition Secrets
Right now you can learn how you can have a figure competition body in just 12 weeks, even if you are brand new to the fitness industry.

An easy step by step system to have you ready for contest day. Wouldn't you love the feeling of having a lean and fit body, the kind of body that makes you the head turner?




Female Bodybuilding Iron Dolls
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Ladies, own this exclusive, comprehensive E-Book packed with inside information on how to literally transform your body in as little as 12 weeks with proven techniques and never before revealed inside information from an established top level national female bodybuilder.

you want to build a prize-winning physique, find someone who accomplished what you want to accomplish, and base your goals on that. Written by Ms. Fit, Karen Sessions.


Lose Weight Forever How to Lose Weight, FOREVER!
"I Can Teach You How To Lose Weight Forever And Never Gain It Back..."

You Have Been Lied To In The Past About Weight Loss. I'm Blowing The Whistle And Exposing All The Weight-Loss Secrets!

I will EXPOSE all the myths being sold on the late night infomercial's, media, magazine ads, etc. From here on out you get the raw truth about weight loss, and how to conquer it!


Female Bodybuilding the competitive EdgeThe Competitive Edge
Female Bodybuilding Contest Secrets

"I Can Show You How To Get Ripped And Hard To Win Your Next Bodybuilding Competition..."

"Have All The Best-Kept Bodybuilding Contest Tips And Secrets Right At Your Fingertips!"

You Have The Advantage! The Competitive Edge Female Bodybuilding Contest Secrets REVEALED!



Killer QuadsKiller Quads
"Get The Best Leg Workout With This AMAZING Leg Building Routine..."

You Can Build A Stunning Set Of Legs In Just 32 Weeks; I'll Show You How!

Discover The Secrets to Advanced Leg Training That Catapults Your Leg Development In Minimal Time!



The Cellulite CureThe Cellulite Cure
"Finally! A Cellulite Reduction Program That Gives You Step-By-Step Instructions To Remove It..."

"At Last! Get Rid Of Those Dimples Without Costly Procedures And High-Tech Maintenance Work!"

EXPOSES the Myths about what Cellulite REALLY is, and provides the necessary steps on how to Eliminate it!




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