Bikini Competitor Julie Costa

Bikini Model Julie Costa Birthday: 12/28/79

Birthplace: Melrose, MA

Residence: Boston, MA

Height weight: 5'1" 120 lbs

I've always led a healthy lifestyle by working out regularly and eating healthy. After graduating from college and obtaining a full time job, I felt that something was missing in my life - I needed to do more besides work. I started training with a personal trainer at my old gym that provided me with a vast amount of information regarding training and nutrition. I started reading fitness magazines like Oxygen and that's where I learned about the sport of figure & fitness competition. I did some research to learn more about the sport and ended up connecting with Cathy Savage, in my opinion the best figure & fitness competitor coach, who just happened to be a short distance from me. After meeting and talking with Cathy, I was hooked and on my journey to getting on that stage!

After meeting with Cathy, I started to regularly attend her Sunday Sessions at her studio. It was there that I met many of my fellow Savage Sisters - it is all of them who inspired me and motivated me to keep going and to push further.

I began competing with the NPC and qualified for and competed in the first ever Arnold Amateur (part of the Arnold Classic weekend in Columbus, Ohio) this year. However, after coming home from Ohio, I decided that the NPC was no longer for me and I decided to compete with FAP. This year I participated in the Fitness Universe show in Miami and ended up placing 13th out of 30 at a national show - I was ecstatic with the results! I felt like I truly belonged up on a FAP stage and I am now looking forward to competing in more FAP shows, my next one being FAP NY on October 6, 2007.

I really owe everything to Cathy Savage and her staff - they took me in with open arms and taught me everything there is to know about competing. From the diet and training to walking and posing, they've been there through everything with me! They really are the best and sincerely care!

Bikini Model Julie Costa I work out at Today's Fitness (formely Gold's Gym) in Woburn, MA.

I use GNC's Active Mega Woman Multi Vitamin & VPX Zero Carb Protein Powder

I haven't so much lost a lot of weight but have seen a major transformation in my body over the past years training for my competitions. I always amaze myself with how strong I really am now - I love seeing that strength in the gym!

Fitness has changed my life both mentally and physically in so many positive ways. I feel that I am truly a better person and becoming the best woman that I can be since deciding to choose this path for myself. I have obviously seen tremendous physical gains in my physique and am always striving for more. However, I've also become a more confident, empowered and self aware person. I love leading a healthy lifestyle!

Since I'm only in my 2nd year competing, my goals now are to just look better with each show, ultimately competing nationally and bringing the best package that I can and to see results from that. I want to become more involved in the fitness industry and to help promote what us competitors do.

Whether I'm dieting for a show or in the off season, I normally eat 5-6 small meals a day. My food choices may consist of: lean protein sources such as chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese, turkey & whey protein powder; carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, ezekial bread & quinoa; good fats such as natural peanut butter or almond butter & Udos oil. I also eat a variety of fruits and veggies. My favorite meal is protein pancakes made with egg whites, oatmeal & berries. I'm a sweets & dessert girl so my favorite cheat meal revolves around chocolate and ice cream of course!

I typically lift 3-4 days a week, doing body part splits. However, when I'm training closer to a show, I'll tend to do full body workouts. I'm currently doing 5 days of cardio at 45 minutes and that will increase when closer to a show. The stepmill is my favorite cardio machine - its the only one that can kick my butt!

I work full time for the President of a small community bank and part time as a bridal consultant. I love hearing about other people's weddings, and getting ideas for my own eventually!

My main goal is to just ultimately to be happy and to be the best person that I can be.

I played field hockey and track in high school.

I'd like to thank my family and friends for supporting my lifestyle and my decision to compete. At first, it took a little while for them to get used to me bringing my meals to family events and walking on stage in barely anything. But they've definitely grown used to it and enjoy seeing me succeed.

I love to cook and I love to travel to new places - my friends are always wondering where I'm traveling to next.

Working for the President of a bank can get a little busy and hectic, especially with trying to stay on track with meals. It can also get difficult working Saturdays at a busy bridal salon. As long as I'm prepared with my cooler and meals, I can easily try to stay on track.

Favorite Sports Team: Red Sox (of course!), Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club, Favorite TV Shows: Nip Tuck & The Shield



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