Fitness Atlantic Fitness Model Johnny-Lee Reinoso

Johnny Lee Reinoso Investment Mortgage Banker and Model

Chest: 39
Waist: 31
Inseam: 32
Shoe: 10
Neck: 14.5
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Suit: 44 long

Born January 16, 1982, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Johnny-Lee grew up youngest of two brothers in a very cultural family. His father Carlos Reinoso Sr. a real estate agent and investor is from Peru and his mother is a homemaker from Portugal. Having two different backgrounds in his family Johnny-Lee learned and speaks three languages Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Johnny-Lee at age 16 grew such a passion for nutrition and exercise that he got his very first job at a health club the Fitness Edge in Stratford, Connecticut. From there he went on to get certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Resistance Training Specialist (RTS), and Resist-A-Ball. The love that he grew for clients and their results lead him to membership sales because he felt that getting into the health club and making that initial investment for membership was the hardest step towards their fitness goals. He accomplished this desire by becoming the club's manager and top sales producer.

Johnny-Lee At age 17, Johnny-Lee was asked to do some fashion modeling photos in New York City and that gave him the exposure and motivation to participate in local fashion runways and advertising for different clothing designers.

Johnny-Lee continued to work at the Fitness Edge and attend Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT; he received a degree in Exercise Science. At age 20, he advanced to the position of Manager giving him the opportunity to manage the team of sales consultants and personal trainers. One trainer that he became particularly fond of, soon became his fiancé. Later that year at age 20 they were married.

After graduating college Johnny-Lee Reinoso became a investment mortgage banker for Accredited Home Lenders based out of San Diego, California, with a local division out of Warwick, Rhode Island. In two years time Johnny-Lee has become one of the top producers in the Northeast and a President's Club Winner. It is obvious that the real estate jeans from his father have not left him even though he has a large passion for fitness. Currently, a husband and father of a beautiful two-year-old daughter, Johnny-Lee has never stopped loving fitness and continues to model and personal train part-time.


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