Jennifer K. Lawson

Jennifer Lawson Nickname: Jen

Age: 32

Birthday: 11/08/1973

Height: 5 3"

Competitive Weight 108lb / Off-season 111lb

I started to compete as just a personal goal I wanted to reach. I have always been fit and I love to work out so I figured why not try to take it to the next level. With all the hard work put into the gym competing is a great way to show everyone how much you have accomplished on perfecting your physique and yourself esteem.

Since the early 90's I have been a huge fan of Bodybuilding. I always loved to go to the local shows to show my support to the competitors. Back then it was many more men then women and fitness/figure was not even popular yet. Corrie Everson was always my all time favorite, and as fitness became popular Susie Curry rocked the stage! My best experiences were attending a few of the Olympia's. The shows were fantastic and the competitors were even more amazing in person. All of these athletes are the ones that inspired me to set my personal goal of staying fit and healthy.

I first started competing last fall in 2005. My 1st show was the NPC Granite State Cup. I placed 4th in the figure short class and I was ecstatic over the win. I could not believe that I had placed at my first show, especially a NPC event. I then competed at the USBF New England Natural and I placed 3rd in the open figure short class.

These competitions were such a major accomplishment for me and now I have the fire in me to continue on and I have set higher goals for my self this year. I will be competing in a few different organizations this year; I'm still not sure where I fit in best.

I will be starting off the season with the Fitness Atlantic in the Bikini Short Division.

I met fellow competitor Mandy Stefaneck at a Hawiaian Tropic Contest and she had complimented me on my physique and suggested I check out Cathy Savage's studio.

A couple of weeks later I was at my 1st Sunday Session with Cathy and all her other girls. The session was a blast and it made me realize that I could be a figure competitor with the help of Cathy.

I go to Cathy's studio for the Sunday Sessions and I am enrolled in her S.O.S Program that guides me through my training and nutrition each month. After all these years of training on my own and learning from others I have a lot of knowledge to go by. With Cathy's guidance I only can get better and improve and times go on.

Right now I am working out in Nashua, NH at Work Out World.

I take a multi vitamin every day along with some natural herbs.

Working out and eating healthy makes me feel great!

The best thing is the boost in self esteem and confidence in myself to achieve my goals in life. Along the way I have met some great girls and have developed friendships. This has opened many more doors for me in the modeling industry as well.

My goals are to bring my best package to each show. I want to have fun and meet great people along the way.

I eat 5 times a day , with about 30 grams of protein each meal. I keep my carbs moderate and fats low. I love chicken and fish for my proteins, sweet potatoes oatmeal and lots of veggies! I try to get the good fats from natural almond butter, soy nuts.

My favotite cheats are sweets!!

I work out 5x a week usually 2 body parts a day with 30 min cardio after weights.

Closer to show dates training programs change to full body and more cardio time. I have been a hairdresser for over 10 years. I love the beauty industry and making people look their best. I have also been doing a lot of modeling for fitness, swimwear and lingerie.

Goals are always changing, my personal ones grow bigger each year. I want to achieve the most I can in fitness and hopefully further my career in modeling.

I grew up very involved in sports. The early years were softball, basketball, and track. In high school I was on the soccer team, volleyball team and swim team. Swim team was my passion in high school and we had an excellent coed team.

My parents were great role leaders for staying fit and active as a child growing up. They both were always involved my sports and very supportive.

My boyfriend is also into weight training and was a former competitor that did very well. He gives me great support, and it is nice to have someone in your life that has the same passion as you do. We help each other and push each other to do the best.

I love all sports and anything to stay active. I love to go the beach, traveling, shopping, spending time with family and friends.

The only obstacle I have regarding my health is that I have one kidney. I had a dysfunctional kidney from birth and did not realize it until just before I turned 21 years old. I had it successfully removed and since then I have had to watch my health and be cautious on what I consume. Living a healthy lifestyle is what is best for my body and I continue to stay healthy.

My dream vacation is Bora Bora and someday I hope to make it there!



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