Ms. Bikini Contestant Jennifer Leal

Throughout my life I have always been involved in a variety of sports; spending a great deal of time outdoors and being active. During my college years my love of in-line skating, volley ball and hiking kept my activity level high. I began to notice a problem when I graduated from college and began a career as an architect; spending the majority of my time either commuting to and from work or sitting at a computer in my office. I had always been fit and never had to diet. However my lower activity level was making changes in my body that I did not anticipate.

Finally, I decided to join a local gym. I had the initial meeting with a trainer and learned the basics. For over a year I spent most evenings at the gym and I saw NO results, until I met a new trainer, Randy Robitaille. He was in great shape. I observed him with his clients and he seemed to really know what he was doing. We talked about my goals and immediately he helped me with my diet, I started training with him right away. Within the first two weeks I saw immediate results and felt great. This ultimately sparked my interest in my diet and to train hard.

Over two years has past. Randy has coached me through four competitions, with the help of Dawn Butterfield and Cathy Savage helping with stage presentation and posing. I won first place in my height class and won the over-all title for figure in the USBF New England Natural Body Building, Fitness and Figure Championship 2004. This year I maintained that title by placing first in my division and I regained the overall title. I also placed first in my height class, in my first regional competition, at the 2005 Muscle Mania/Fitness Atlantic/ Bikini Atlantic Pageant. I also placed 13th in the Ms. Bikini Universe Pageant, which was my first national level competition were I met many new inspirational and wonderful friends. The highlight of that weekend was when Randy proposed to me on Miami Beach under the beautiful moon light. What an amazing weekend!

I owe much of my success to my new fiancé, my trainer and my biggest fan, his knowledge, his patients, and most of all his support has helped me reach far beyond my initial goals. He has taught me to aspire to be the best I can be. Also, the support of my family and friends has helped me stay focused and on track with diet and training, they have been there for me at all my shows and they make me want to compete more. Having support is the greatest thing a competitor can ask for.

I am proud of my accomplishment thus far and believe that doing well in competitions will increase my chances of becoming a fitness model as well as a role model for all young women who want to live a happy, natural, healthy lifestyle.

Special Thanks to Metro Fitness in Wilmington Massachusetts, the best gym I have ever trained at, also thanks for help with competition expenses. Thanks to Dr. Brain Daniels, from Daniels Chiropractic in Lexington Massachusetts, thanks for keep my back strong and healthy and thanks for help with competition expenses. Finally, thanks to Dr. John Meola, from New England Dental Associates, thanks for a healthy and bright smile.





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