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Author Bodybuilding Nutrition Guru Ivan Nikolov I was born and grew up in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. I began training with weights when I was in 9-th grade. Although I had some very serious gains in my first several years I didn't get involved in body building on a professional level until I left the army.

In the years, prior to my departure to the US I was quite successful on a local level. However, my dream was to compete against the best in the world in the sport of Natural bodybuilding. And that is what brought me in the United States.

To date, I have competed in several competitions in the US. So far I have consistently placed in the Top 5 in Musclemania, a chain of prestigious natural world events. I also won the overall title of the NPC Tampa Bay Classic in 2004.

In addition to the awards in bodybuilding competitions, I hold a Master's degree in Industrial Management as well as degrees as a Bodybuilding Trainer and Massage Therapist.

Since my arrival in the U. S. I have been working on my dream to become a professional natural body builder. With the dedication that I posses and willingness to work really hard to achieve my goal, I am confident that I can reach that stage of success.


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Bodybuilding Nutrition courseBuild Your Own Personalized Meal Plan

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Sixty Practical Tips And Ideas For Health And Fitness Nerds

Sixty Practical Tips for Health and Fitness NerdsSome things you'll learn:

  • Which Fish Are Low In Mercury And Which Are High
  • What Is Anaerobic Threshold
  • Lower Body Muscles And Appropriate Exercises
  • When You Should Use A Training Belt And When You Shouldn't
  • Rowing Or Biking? Which Is Better?
  • Facts About Water Intake
  • The Difference Between White, Brown And Turbinado Sugar
  • Another Way To Reduce Inflammation
  • How To Avoid Quitting Before Reaching Your Fitness Goal
  • Excessive Testosterone And The Consequences
  • Why Sugar-Loaded Drinks Make You Fat
  • How To Detect Lower Body Strength Imbalance



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