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Hugh Ross DVD

He is a celebrity in his home country of Guyana. As one of the military's highest trained captains Hughís specialties were paratrooping, jungle warfare, amphibious operations, close quarter combat, and skills at arms. He holds a third degree black belt in Shotokan and second degree in Tae-kwan-do martial arts.

It is hard to believe that Hugh Rossís first bodybuilding competition was in 2002 at the Fitness Atlantic. Stepping on stage for the first time Hugh entered the Menís Novice division he also won the Menís Master title in the over 40 class. Hugh returned to the Atlantic stage in 2003 and entered the Menís Open division as a Light-Heavyweight and won. In 2004 he came in shredded to win the Light-Heavy and Atlantic Overall Title and then in 2005 took home the first Atlantic Professional overall trophy. Yes, he took the title home literally with donating his prize money to the Guyana Amatuer Bodybuilding Federation!

Physical training has always been part of Hugh's life and he strives at being the best he can. Upon moving to the America Hugh became a powerlifting champion and professional natural bodybuilder. It is no wonder that people look up to Hugh all you have to do is look at his physique, but that is nothing in comparison to when you actually get to know to him and you get to really know the type of person he is - driven, determined, and focused.

Yes, Hugh is a true role model. Now with this new DVD you have "Access Granted" into the secrets Hugh shares about his life, training, and diet he followed to become the person he is today.

Release Date - 1-1-2007

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Hugh Ross Access Granted

Hugh passes on his training and nutrition advice for others to achieve outstanding results!




Hugh Rosshugh ross bodybuilding dvd



Hugh Ross Access Granted

Hugh passes on his training and nutrition advice for others to achieve outstanding results!





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