Fitness Model Genevieve J Cadorette

Fitness Model Ryan Enriquez Nick-Name: Gen

Age: 30

Birth Date: 2/23/76

Birth Place: Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada

Current Residence: MA

Height & Weight: 5'5 - 130lbs, off season

Why did you start competing or plan to do so?

I have wanted to be a model since I was a little girl. As an adult, I discovered the fitness magazines while working out at my gym. I soon learned about the local competitions. My first competition was in Boston in 2003

What or who inspired you?

My first modeling inspiration was Christie Brinkley. The first fitness model inspirations are Minna Lessig and Monica Brant. Today, I am inspired by my friends who ask me for help and advise in nutrition and working out!

The shows you have done or plan to do?

Fitness Atlantic Boston - 2003 - Fitness Atlantic East Haven - 2004 - FAME Fitness Model - 2004- Would love to do : South Beach Miami in 2007; Fitness Atlantic East Haven 2007-

Who helped you get started?

My first helpers were : Lisa McCarthy, my childhood friend and definatly an amazing work out partner. She taught me about discipline. My sister Patricia, she never set foot in a gym, but has taught me the only way to reach a goal is to jump in head first! Linda McLaughlin introduced me to the Savage Girls. Savage Girls have been an inspiration.

Who helps you now?

Nobody helps me now.

Where do you work out?

Right now I am going between Fitcorp at work and Boston Sports Club. I am moving, so I train where I can until I am settled.

What supplements and vitamins do you use?

No supplements or vitamins.

What results have you achieved?

Absolutly feeling better, organized, outgoing, more social, less shy, dedicated, determined.

How has fitness changed your life?

Fitness introduced me to the world of stability. I have learned to plan ahead, prepare, train hard, train for "me", keep track of my schedual. Fitness helped me recoginize my strengths, my inner beauty as well as outter beauty and has helped me understand my worth as a women.

What are your fitness goals?

To maintain a healthy, toned and feminine physique. I would love to have more modeling assignments, and to compete more. I would also love to educate teen girls about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to practice healthy habits.

What is your diet like?

Right now? Not very good. I have been out of the loop for awhile. Not really wanting to brag about that! =)

Your workout schedule?

I prefer to train a single muscle per day. I like to do cardio after my work outs. I also enjoy cardio kickboxing and spin classes. Outside the gym, I walk everywhere. I have not owned a car in a year, so walking has helped keep my legs toned!

What is your occupation?

I am a New Business Registry Analyst at John Hancock Life Insurance Company.

What are some other goals in your life?

I am working to get my bachelor's degree in Law and Govenrment. I am at Suffolk University. I am also writing short story fiction.

Other sports you have participated in?

I have always danced in ballet (toes), jazz, acrobats/gymnastics. I was in the drama club, ski club and played softball in junior high school.

Family (any children), friends, thank you's?

Thank you's to : My sister Patie for being so pushy and not letting me give up so easy; my parents for supporting me; my friend Lisa for always listening to everything I have to cry and laugh about!


I love to write and I am working on publishing some of my short stories. I will provide more information about my work when I am completed with it!

Life challenges?

This past year was rather difficult for many reasons. I am beyond the obstacles and I am moving forward. I am moving out of the city and will not rely on the T as much I used to. This next year I still have to learn to balance work full time, take part time classes at school and work out!

Obstacles you have overcome?

Allowing people to stop me from acheiving my goals. I am sensitive and let people's opinion get in my way or effect me.



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