Bikini Competitor Fern Assard

Bikini Competitor Fern Assard Age: 38

Birth Date: July 5,1968

Birth Place: Norwich, CT

Current Residence: Oakdale, CT

Height: 5'-3"

Weight: 122 lbs

I want to start competing since after having 4 kids I decided it was time I did something for myself. I wasn't happy with the way I looked and decided to change it.

My children inspire me to achieve more.

I want to enter the Fitness Atlantic in CT and FAME Expo in Boston, MA both are this spring.

No one helped me. The reality in life is you have to help yourself; no one gets a free ride. You work for what you want.

I work out at World Gym in Waterford, CT.

I take Glucosamine, Daily multi-vitamin, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. I also use Creatine and Glutamine, but have stopped creatine usage for a month and will go back on after my system clears so it will work better.

I have gained 10 lbs of muscle. I must now lose 10 lbs of bodyfat to be in competitive shape. I feel great and I think I look great too. Being physically strong helps me be emotionally strong.

I'm basically a shy person. I had to force myself to go over to the "other" side of the gym where to men work out and just get in there and do what I have to do. I no longer care and I do what makes me happy and healthy.

I would like to at least place in an upcoming show. Having my efforts recognized would be a fantastic motivator! I would continue to peruse my dreams and become a role model for other mothers who think they are stuck being overweight and not feeling good about their bodies.

I eat small meals a few times a day. I stay away from sweets, fried foods and fast food. I try to eat salads, tuna, oatmeal, protein bars and shakes. I drink only water with my workout.

I go to the gym 4-6 times a week. As a single mom, my schedule is tough! Basically I split 4 days 1.legs 2.tri, chest, upper back, and 3.lower back/ abs 4. bi's and forearms. I start each workout with elliptical and sometimes do 20 minutes during my lunch hour at work.

I work for a large dental practice. I am the accounts manager and collections agent. I also take care of insurance, patient care, scheduling and financing. It has been discovered in my office that I am a closet computer geek and now that's adding to my role.

I'd like to go back to school for forensics or medical examiner assistant.

Bikini Competitor Fern AssardWhen I was younger I played basketball,softball and was a cheerleader.

I'd like to thank my children Nick, Alicia, Caleb and Samuel. My oldest, Nick, is now a Marine and I couldn't be prouder! He is my hero and has shown me that with some perseverance, anything can be accomplished.

I enjoy reading very much. I think it's the greatest learning tool there is. I also love to be outside doing almost anything if the weather is nice. I don't have much free time for much else.

I work full time and with three kids at home it's difficult to find time for myself. I was terribly shy and still am a little with doing new things or meeting new people. I pushed myself to go into the dental field because as an assistant, I had to deal face to face with people one on one.

I found out two years ago after some back pain that I have a good case of scoliosis. It was difficult to detect outside the body, but when I saw the x-rays I was horrified. I am now working to strengthen my muscles for proper muscle balance which alleviates pain.

My favorite show on television is Ultimate fighter. Those guys just go in there and give it their all!! My favorite type of movie is horror/thriller. Anything that makes your heart race and my favorite type of book is forensic novel or true crime.





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