Bikini Competitor Christine Marag

Christine Marag Bikini competitor

I the mother of two small children, work 30+ hours a week as a Manager of Contract Administration, teach three exercise classes a week (chisel/muscle conditioning and indoor cycling) and have just made my debut into the fitness competition scene this year. Setting and achieving goals to the best of my ability (even if I fail!) has always been a main interest of mine. Success if wonderful... but failure is what has really made me a stronger person.

My latest venture is figure competition. I was in the right place at the right time last February and stumbled upon the "Savage Choreography" competition camp info. It was being held the very next weekend. Cathy Savage had a spot open and I was able to go to camp...the rest is history...I am hooked!

My very first competition was the Fitness Atlantic Pageant. I was so excited. I have been told by the veteran girls "If it is your first competition, there should be no expectations" So I first set my goal to gain experience. I would be very satisfied if I could come in one above the middle. If there were 40 girls, I would be happy to come in 19th. My ultimate goal would be to place in the "top 10" my first time out. To make a long story short, I ended up meeting all of these goals at once by placing 10th out of twenty-one girls in the bikini short class! Just to be called back on stage with the hopes that I might even be in the top five was a thrill!

My next show was Ms. Fitness "Spirit of America" show on Cape Cod. This was a much smaller show and also an amazing experience. I entered two classes for that show and placed 3rd out of five girls in each. After that I decided to take my own advice and not let fear of failure keep me away. I entered an International competition this June (FAME Miami.) Although I didn't place as well as I would have hoped, I gained a lot of experience and had the opportunity to shoot with some great photographers in the fitness industry and feel very fortunate to have been sponsored by Marimbondo clothing company for the sportswear round of the Model search competition. It was a worthwhile experience. One I needed to accomplish. It helped me to assess where I stand in the field and what I need to do to improve next season. I am now looking forward to taking what I learn this season and improving upon it. I have hopes for impressive placing within my competitions next year and am looking to gain more experience in the fitness modeling industry.

Bikini Competitor Christine MaragOn a more personal level, I am currently training for a long distance ride for cancer taking place on August 7th and 8th. It is an event that motivates me in more ways than one as I have many family members and friends that have both won and lost the battle with cancer. I know that this is something we can all relate to. The Pan-Mass Challenge is the countries largest fundraisers for cancer research. It is something I feel compelled to be a part of.

To sum it all up, expect to see more from me in the future. I am working on setting up my own website and have plans to attend FAP New York in August and OCB Cape Cod again in September.





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