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Writer choregographer Cathy Savage My name is Cathy Savage-Eysie, former fitness competitor and professional dancer, cheerleader, and strength training coach. After graduating from Boston College in 1985, I joined the work force with my marketing/communications degree in hand. However, my love for athletics and dance soon overpowered the suit and briefcase, and I took the risk by starting my own personal training business.

Lucky enough for me, my business was successful. The majority of my clientele were bodybuilders, looking for me to choreograph their routines. With my dance background, this seemed so easy for me-it just came naturally!

Soon I entered local aerobics competitions as I was missing the performance aspect of my old dance and cheerleading days. I loved the thrill of competing and creating my own routines! Eventually, when fitness competitions commenced, I immediately jumped head first into this exciting and new field. I LOVED IT!

Competing in fitness was an amazing experience. However, soon after I started competing, other girls were asking me to help them with their routines! There seemed to be a loss for choreographers and coaches who could put routines together!! Together, with my pal, Paula Harvey, our routines began to be recognized all over the country.

As my business grew in the early 1990s, I started to help girls in all aspects of competition preparation including stage presentation both individually, and through the creation of CAMP SAVAGE. Today, my company is a full service competition preparation business which covers everything from nutrition, sports specific training, music, modeling, suits, choreography and stage presentation. Working with my company gives you all the tools you need to step onstage! My clients are known as "The Savage Girls" as we all our making our dreams and goals for success, come true each year!

My mission is to provide a competitive, yet memorable experience for anyone I coach. A trophy is a great thing but meeting new friends and creating memories are far more important. Developing this friendly atmosphere has helped breed the champion in so many women as the SAVAGE GIRLS are famous for winning a record amount of shows each year, and for having a blast while competing!

My clients work in a team atmosphere where we prepare together and compete together. However, you do not have to be from New England to train with us. Our online full competition program prepares athletes from all over the world.

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