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Caron Querker I am known to most as a complete busy body. There is just not enough time in the day for me so using my time efficiently is my main focus. Training for me relieves stress and has become as routine as brushing my teeth in the morning. I currently train at Gold's Gym in New Haven, CT with a friend, and a pro bodybuilder, Frank Celentano "Cheach". I try to live my life to the fullest, NIKE says it best, "Life's too short, live hard and play hard…"

I grew up in Orange, CT, went to high school in Trumbull, CT - Saint Joseph's High School, then off to New Hampshire where I attended Keene State College. I graduated in 2001 with a degree in liberal arts, minor in Nutrition and an associates' degree in Chemical Dependency. I started kickboxing and pilates in college at Gold's Gym in Keene, NH and that is when it all began. I realized that after all these years of playing sports volleyball, basketball and softball in high school; I still had the desire to compete. Eventually I found myself in the weight room and became addicted to the "high". I had to do something to fill this burning desire.

After college I moved back to Connecticut and started working at Firetech Engineered Systems where I still am employed as the business manager. I joined a local gym started talking with some trainers, and constantly mixed my training up, due to the boredom. I get bored quickly so change is key with me.

Then I discovered the sport of bodybuilding and in 2003 decided to compete. I entered a small, local INBF show lightweight novice bodybuilding and took 3rd place. After that I decided to focus on shaping and sculpting my body for what was to be a 'big year' in 2004. When I started training for bodybuilding I learned how to train correctly and efficiently. Time is the key. I now had the tools I needed to prepare myself mentally and physically as a figure competitor in 2004.

My first figure show was in Fitness Atlantic in April 2004, and I competed straight through November. What I discovered throughout 2004 is the lifestyle. This sport is a lifestyle. I will always train and eat clean because I know my body is a temple that needs to be treated with respect. With persistence I will succeed. It has been a big year for me, and 2005 will only be bigger and better.

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