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Flourishing Since 1977

To blaze a new trail takes vision and drive. To have others follow you on your journey requires consistency and reliability. To survive and flourish in this business since 1977 you need to build a rock solid reputation. At Universal Nutrition, this is what we've done. By providing proven formulas and cutting-edge products at a competitive price, Universal Nutrition has gained one of the most loyal followings in the industry. And whether you're a member of our Animal iron brotherhood or a weekend warrior looking to achieve your own bodybuilding goals, you know you can count on Universal to deliver the goods.

We're Old School

Certain ideals never go out of style. Honesty. Integrity. Respect. These are the values we hold dear and are the bedrock upon which we built our business. Products like Uni-Liver and the legendary Animal Pak are as steady and solid as the ground under your feet. Newer formulations like Shock Therapy, Storm, and Animal Pump are here to secure our legacy in the new millennium. We didn't enter this arena to be a flash in the pan. We earned our stature by paying our dues and fulfilling our promises, not by bombarding our customer with empty marketing hype.

Animal Pak

Our Word is Our Bond

If it is on the can, it is in the bottle… And what is in the bottle will get you big. We guarantee it. A 100% ironclad, money back guarantee backs every product we produce. When you purchase a Universal Nutrition product, you have over two decades of honor and trust in your hands. Plus you have the knowledge that your product was produced in house with our nearly 150,000 square feet of modern manufacturing, research, art & design, printing and laboratory facilities all under one roof. We bring these great capabilities to bear each time we conceptualize, research, design, test, and bottle every product we ship.

This Is Our Life

Commitment. To us this isn't a word but a way of living. Bodybuilding, to us, isn't a hobby. It is our life. We extend this way of life to our business. Making products that work for consumers that demand results-this is our calling. We take pride in being the real bodybuilder's favorite. The brand of choice for the most dedicated out there. It is this commitment with which we approach each new day. >From the unparalleled resource of Animalpak.com to our dedicated customer service representatives who back our internet and toll-free phone, we are here for you. Building a sense of community, championing values in keeping with noble heritage of our beloved sport, we are Universal Nutrition. We are bodybuilding.


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Animal Paks


Universal Animal Pak

Animal Pak Supplements


Animal Max

Animal Pak Squat Till You Puke


Animal Pump

Animal Pak Squat Till You Puke


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Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition


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